Eco-friendly Oil Dispersant 

MSL distributes non-toxic, biodegradable oil dispersant products. MSL1 is a dispersant, detergent, and degreaser.  MSL1 is non-hazardous and solvent-free. The biodegradability of MSL1 is higher than 98%. Tests conducted under OECD regulations have shown that MSL1 is:  

  • Rapidly and readily biodegradable 
  • Non-toxic to animals and fish when administered in a single oral dose 
  • Not an irritant to skin
  • Not an irritant for eyes 
  • Non-flammable
  • Free of arsenicals, iodine, formaldehyde, mercury compounds, phenols, abrasives, free hetero glycolic acids, soaps, free sodium or caustic potasil, oil, distillations of any kind and sodium orthosilicate

MSL1 is effective in combating oil spills and the remediation of contaminated soil and water. Swisscon Oil & Gas Services conducted a 5-month field test in Nigeria, on behalf of Shell Petroleum Development Corporation, for the remediation of soil contaminated by oil spillage, and their report found "a sharp reduction in contaminant levels" and declared that "MSL1 is an effective product for soil and groundwater remediation." 

MSL1 can also be used for:

  • Regular maintenance and cleaning of process plant and storage tanks in refineries without damaging the integrity of the water process plant bio tanks
  • Cleaning of decks and tanks of oil tankers
  • Firefighting