Flow Assurance and Scale Prevention

MSL designs and markets unique proprietary technology for flow assurance and scale prevention with diverse industrial and commercial applications including hazardous area use.  

ClearWELL Oilfield Solutions is responsible for the rental, installation, and maintenance of our scale prevention systems for upstream and downstream applications in the oil and gas sector. ClearWELL flow assurance equipment drastically reduces the frequency of workovers by delaying the formation of scale. This reduction in the number of annual workovers also means that oil companies purchase and deploy significantly less chemicals used in the workover to clean the wellbore pipelines. Fewer workovers and less chemicals means more consistent oil production and increased profits for oil producers. 

Scale prevention for domestic and industrial applications such as cooling towers and heat exchangers are distributed by Flow-Tech Systems.

Our flow assurance units are listed by CSA Group as certified/verified for use in the United States and Canada